Glob Stool (2016) /   PCL Plastic (aka friendly plastic), mahogany

Glob Stool (2016) / PCL Plastic (aka friendly plastic), mahogany


I came across this fascinating material called PCL Plastic, which has a lower melting point than most other plastic materials (at 60°C/140°F). It is a biodegradable polyester that is non-toxic, also called ‘Friendly Plastic’. It is often used for a small scale craft project by kids and adults.

Melting PCL Plastic [26 sec]


As I was exploring, I found that the melted plastic morphs and adheres to a fibrous / porous material, or anything that has crevices or indents on the surface, which then goes back to its rigid state as it cools down.

I tried joining together the two branches found on the street.


I wanted to create a crafty stool that didn’t require any electric tools. Could I grab some scrap woods, slap some plastics on them to make a stool?


The final mini model - The construction of the stool is simple and rudimentary. The form embraces the rough, hard-to-control nature of the material and bluntly shows it off.


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