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Pivot   /   Camira fabric, plywood, steel tube, steel plate

Pivot / Camira fabric, plywood, steel tube, steel plate

Pivot is intended for the users to interact and ‘pivot’ parts to change the orientations of the chair, which then alters the dimensions of the seat, the back/armrest and the footrest. The two pivoting points are hinted through the soft-curved edges. There are three different seat heights one can explore, each of which took its reference from the heights of a low stool, a dining chair and a high stool with a footrest. Pivot invites people with different body shapes and sizes to have a sit and to notice how the changes in dimensions affect their sitting experience. 

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What defines a chair? Does it have to have a certain look? We sit in many ways on numerous different surface levels - sitting on staircases, on the curb (raised edging beside a street), on the floor, on a giant rock or a tree trunk (say you were on a hike), on the roof, on a fence or on objects that could hold your weight. If these were cropped out of the context and placed elsewhere with you still sitting on it, would you call it a chair?


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